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About Me


Jessi Pascual

Digital Creative, Graphic Designer


I'm Jessi - an enthusiast of all things coffee, brunch, boba and flag football - things that give me the most energy. My friends say that if I were an ice cream flavor, I'd be coffee since I have so much energy jam-packed into one little person.  

I didn't receive the Filipino talent to sing, dance or play an instrument. 

Instead, I fell in love with art. I sometimes think it was hereditary - my dad is a talented artist and has a keen eye for design and detail. Don't tell my grade school teachers but he essentially helped paint my solar system project and construct my elaborate volcano in the 4th grade. Thanks to my dad, I'm grateful to pursue this design career for the both of us. 

I truly found my love for graphic design through creating marketing materials for my State Department internships. During that time, I definitely was set on a foreign affairs career path to one day serve as the first Asian American Secretary of State. Art and design were just cool hobbies in my back pocket. Fast forward to my senior year, I focused more on my communications degree and I accepted a position with an Architecture / Engineering firm to be a Marketing Specialist/Graphic Designer. It was the best decision I ever made.

Now my mind constantly creates. I seriously love turning a client's complex ideas into reality through graphics and visual design. 


Let's create together. Contact me for your next custom project.

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