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The Beginning - Jotting Down My Thoughts

My mind is constantly GOING a 100 mph. It's like I have multiple tabs open in my head or multiple checklists for work, my personal design brand, my family, my social circles. Then I have another set of thoughts going on - what are we going to do here? How do I feel about this? What about that? What if this happened? It's absolutely crazy.

I have decided to jot down those thoughts here. This was the perfect creative space for me to keep writing since I don't usually write at my day job (unless it's a detailed email about a graphic to my teammates). I figured, when I don't want to draw, let me write -- and here we are!

I graduated with a double major in Communications and International Studies. (Once upon a time I dreamt of being Secretary of State!) Sometimes I have used bits and pieces of each major in my career but it's crazy that I ultimately chose to pursue a different path for myself.

I can't wait to use this space as another outlet for me to write and put that liberal arts degree to good use. A quick shoutout to all of my liberal arts majors - what you do matters, don't let any engineer or business major tell you otherwise - stay tuned for these thoughts later.

If there's anything I learned in 2020, it's to stay creative, resilient and flexible. Here's to a new year where I continue to take on new challenges.

Photo: Eddie Nguyen

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